S2 works with Private Sector organisations, from SMEs to large-scale multi-nationals, advising on strategic Social Value generation, Sustainability and CSR programmes. With the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 becoming more widely recognised, public bodies are placing increasingly high weightings on Social Value when procuring services (up to 30% in some Local Authority areas). Proposed changes to the legislation will also require organisations to account for the Social Value they create through contracts with the Public Sector. This is good news for local communities as it will see the emergence of powerful and effective partnerships to deliver social impact.

S2 is a thought-leader in this space, working with and advising many large organisations, including FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies. Through innovative application of Social Value principles, S2 can help your business to win public sector contracts and deliver maximum impact.


Unlike other organisations S2 specialises in developing programmes that run in parallel with core business activities, using smarter and innovative ways of thinking to deliver Social Value, in cost-neutral or cost-saving ways.

We leverage our extensive network and sector knowledge to form partnerships and initiatives that deliver industry-beating Social Value propositions when tendering for contracts.

Training and Workshops

S2 runs bespoke training sessions and workshops to define and develop effective, high-impact strategies, achieving buy-in at all levels of the organisation, from Front-line workers to boards. We are particularly interested in working with Business Development teams to define more robust Social Value practices, that stand out from the crowd.


To increase and demonstrate the success of programmes, S2 develops a range of tools and frameworks for organisations to accurately evidence the impact of their Social Value or CSR propositions.